Rattlesnake Lake Proposal

Who doesn’t love a good proposal story?! I certainly do! Sammy + Jacob’s Rattlesnake Lake Proposal was the sweetest thing to be a part of on this crazy stormy evening. Sammy signed up for a mini session in March and just days after Jacob reached out with an exciting plan. He asked me “Is it okay if I hijack this photoshoot with an important question?” and it took me only a millisecond to say OF COURSE! From there, he got the ring ready and we made a game plan on how and when he wanted to pop the question.

Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend

Just a few miles off of highway in North Bend you’ll find the stunning scenery at Rattlesnake Lake! Surprisingly, it was not named Rattlesnake Lake because of any snakes in the arrive (thank goodness) but rather because of the sound of the seed pods of a nearby prairie in the wind sounded a lot like a rattlesnake. No need to worry about coming across slithery friends while here! You can also explore a very popular hiking trail up to Rattlesnake Ledge, which ends at an iconic Washington view!.

Tips For Your Photo Session at Rattlesnake Lake

Prepare for any weather!

If you know anything about the Pacific Northwest, you know the weather can be highly unpredictable. The forecast could show sunshine and warmth, but then randomly it can suddenly rain! For example, the day of this proposal it was blue skies and sunshine until about 6PM and then the wind and rain came to play. Luckily these two were absolute champs and embraced the wild weather! Make sure to pack layers (jackets, blankets, scarves and hats) or be ready to embrace the elements.

Compliment or Contrast The Environment

This tip is for picking your outfits. Depending on the vibe you are going for in your photo session, you might want to choose to either compliment or contrast with the environment in your color and texture choices. If you’d like to create a neutral vibe for your photos, I would recommend a more earthy palette like darker greens, navy blue, creams and browns. To create a bright and vibrant vibe to your photos, choose colors that are the opposite of the environment like warm colors of red, orange and yellow! For more tips on choosing your outfit for your photo session, check out another blog post I wrote here.


I think it’s safe to say you know what Sammy’s response was when he proposed. It was the most excited yes I have ever witnessed! Enjoy these photos below of the sweetest proposal at Rattlesnake Lake!

Rattlesnake Lake Proposal
Rattlesnake Lake Proposal
Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session

Want to learn more about how to NAIL the perfect proposal? Check out this blog post I wrote all about that! If you’re thinking of popping the question soon, head over to my contact form so we can make sure you get that moment captured!!

April 4, 2023