Now Booking Wedding + Elopements for 2023!

About Jacque


If you asked anyone who knows me pretty well, you'd probably hear at least one of those words above used to describe what I love the most!

On a typical day you'd find me snuggling with my pups Leia + Pickle, dragging my husband and son along on car adventures and day dreaming about being on airplanes!

This is my new little son, Franklin!

My Own
Elopement Story

My husband and I were supposed to have a big, elaborate wedding in May of 2020. When COVID-19 hit, we had to switch gears very quickly. We ended up having a small wedding ceremony with our immediate families in a sweet little grassy field, followed by grabbing burgers at our favorite local burger joint in our small town.

When we made the choice to shift gears, instead of being incredibly disappointed by the change, we were actually SO EXCITED! We realized all along that we just wanted to celebrate our love with just a few people that mattered the most and didn't truly care about creating an extensive, elaborate party for hundreds of guests.

That just wasn't US. My own experience of having an elopement has solidified even deeper why I love elopements and want to continue photographing and celebrating them!


Besides photography, one of my biggest passions in my life is traveling. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had a strong desire to travel around the world, connect with new people, and learn about different cultures, customs, and ways of life. Traveling brings out a different version of myself; typically I am pretty reserved, cautious, and like to stick to a routine. When I travel my mind breaks free and latches to a more peaceful and adventurous spirit! Trying new foods, not being worried about a schedule or deadline, and truly immersing myself into the experience.

When I get to combine my love for travel with photographing elopements it is truly the best of both worlds. Getting to explore the world AND celebrate love at the same time is just the best thing.

So far I've traveled to 7 different countries, and it is my goal to hit every continent (yes, including Antartica) before I leave this world!