Five Tips For Choosing Your Arizona Engagement Session Outfit

Congrats on your engagement! But now it is time to plan your Arizona Engagement Session, where do you start? Here are a few tips to make the process of planning your engagement session outfit easy and fun!

Five Tips For Choosing Your Arizona Engagement Session Outfit

Coordinate or Compliment (don’t match)

Did your family wear matching flannel pajamas for Holiday photos back in the 90’s? Mine too. But, we want to avoid matching in our engagement photo outfits. Coordinating your outfits mean to pick one color to be the main focus of your outfits. But, wearing it on different types of clothing. For example, if your partner is wearing a magenta sweater, then you might want to wear a magenta scarf or shoes! On the other hand, complimenting your outfits means choosing prominent colors that compliment one another in each outfit. For example, if your partner is wearing a magenta sweater, then you might want to wear a forest green or light brown shirt. Using either of these techniques will help your engagement photos feel less “matchy” and more complimentary!

Male partner giving female partner a piggy back ride while looking at each other and laughing
Couple walking along a path together smiling and laughing

Check the weather!

Depending on where you take your engagement photos in Arizona, the weather can be vastly different. If you are taking them in Sedona in December, you will wear something much different than Phoenix in July! Therefore, make sure to keep your eyes on the weather forecast. Be prepared with layers and options in case of unexpected weather. It never hurts to bring a rain shell or an umbrella!

Wedding couple standing on a bridge holding an umbrella while it rains and kissing while hugging each other

Flowy is Fun!

If you want to add a fun WOW factor to your engagement photos, consider wearing a flowy skirt or dress! Maxi or Midi length skirts are so much fun. You can create fun photos with epic motion and movement. Some of my favorite places to shop for skirts and dresses are Baltic Born, Piper and Scoot and local boutiques.

Male partner holding hand and smiling with female partner who is turning in a circle and looking at the male partner
Wedding couple standing in front of a cactus and floral arch holding hands and looking at each other. The female partner is moving around the skirt of her dress.

Choose Comfort

I can guess that most of us would have a hard time focusing on the fun of an engagement session if you’re wearing an itchy sweater or tight pants. Discomfort can really change our perspective during an experience, and I would hate for you to be uncomfortable during your engagement session! One way to remedy this is to choose clothing pieces that you’ve worn before. Wearing pieces that you feel confident and comfortable in is incredibly helpful to a positive experience. Another way is to choose fabrics like cotton or linen so ensure softness and comfort. Nobody wants to be thinking about an itchy neckline while celebrating their love story!

Confidence is Key

Just like uncomfortable clothing, wearing outfits that are different than what you would normally wear can deter the photo session experience. If you typically wear jeans and hardly wear dresses, you might not be as confident in your outfit if you choose a dress. Also, if you normally choose sleeved shirts and pick a tank top for your engagement session you might not feel your best. I 100% encourage everyone to think outside of the box and try new things, but it is important to honor and think about your own regular preferences in your everyday life.

Hawaiian couple sitting together on rocks laughing and looking away from the camera
Couple standing in a forest with a mountain in the background. Male partner is standing behind the female partner and hugging from behind. Male partner is kissing female partner on the cheek while the female partner smiles.

Last Thoughts on Choosing Your Engagement Session Outfit

Above all else, staying true to yourself is the most important thing to do! Your engagement session is shot to celebrate you and your partner’s love story, and it should be authentic to the both of you and your lives!

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January 7, 2022