Why You Should Elope In Washington State

There’s so many reasons you should elope in Washington State. Some of the top contenders have to be the varying scenery, mild climate, vendors who know elopements, and welcoming cities for ALL love. If you are still searching for the perfect ceremony spot, consider the natural beauty Washington!

Gold Creek Pond in Washington State, Washington State elopement destinations

The diversity of Washington environments

You can find almost any type of environment in Washington. If you already live here, you could dream up any environment for an elopement and honeymoon without leaving the state! If you were hoping for rugged mountains, guess what? You got it. Varying forests including rain (check out the HOH if you haven’t heard of it), beaches, tundra, islands, the possibility for locations outdoors as well as venues are endless. If you want to elope in Washington State, you can’t go wrong with the amount of dream environments that could be your backdrops to say, “I do”

golden hour Washington State elopement with just married couple
Queer couple eloping in Washington State celebrating with sparklers
couple eloping in Washington State in a studio in Seattle

The mild climate

Throughout the state you won’t find any intense extremes. Yes there’s rain, but not as much as people expect in most areas, and typically seasonally. While in eastern Washington, it can get up to 100 degrees in the summer! In the mountains it can drop below freezing, there’s even some snow in winter time. Keep in mind that these are the extremes, and that at different times of the year its typically mild and pleasant anywhere you go.

There’s lots of vendors for your elopement!

 The increase in couples opting for a scenic adventure ceremony have led to an ever growing list of vendors to choose from. When looking for vendors, you definitely want options. And there are plenty of vendors already comfortable with making an elopement go smoothly! Whether your ceremony plans will include florists, desserts, coordinators, venues, or hair and make-up artists; you’ll find a sea of capable and talented vendors. 

Washington State elopement invitation suite

Welcoming cities

If you didn’t already know, Washing State was one of the first to legalize gay marriage, which c’mon love is love, so that’s the biggest of deals. Communities and cities like Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver and surrounding areas are incredibly welcoming, accepting and celebratory of all walks of life, so it is a great place for YOUR love to be celebrated. Love is love, and Washington is made for all lovers. 

Washington state is made for dreamers, adventurers, and lovers… and clearly elopements. From the incredible views and varying biological diversity, to temperate climate, wonderful and capable local vendors, and welcoming loving communities. Experience adventure and create memories for a lifetime by choosing Washington as your ceremony destination. 

interracial couple having dinner after their Washington State elopement

Ready to elope in Washington State?

I’m so excited for you! Make sure to check out this blog for how to plan your WA elopement!

April 12, 2021