The Adams Family Fall Session at Rattlesnake Lake

The Adams Family Fall Session at Rattlesnake Lake, Washington was everything you could imagine in a Pacific Northwest fall session. We had a little bit of sunshine, a whole lot of wind, and finished off getting drenched in rain! In Washington state, especially on the west side of the mountains, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable and change within minutes to something completely different! About an hour before their session we contemplated moving to a less rainy location, but this crew stuck it out and toughed through the crazy weather!

Rattlesnake Lake is a stunning little lake in North Bend, Washington just a few miles off the highway. It includes a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous evergreen trees and HUGE tree stumps scattered all over the beach. Its a super easy drive from the Seattle area and just down the road from the North Bend Premium Outlets if you need to do some quick shopping!

This is a great location for a variety of sessions. You could capture some true Pacific Northwest adventurous engagement/couple photos, beachfront family photos, and more! Visit my Contact Page to book a session today!

At the bottom of this blog post you will find some stays and experiences through AirBnb in the area near Rattlesnake Lake and North Bend! I highly recommend exploring this area of Washington and all it has to discover!

October 27, 2020