Rachel + Cole Othello, Washington Wedding Ceremony

Rachel + Cole Smokey Othello Wedding Ceremony was such a unique yet beautiful experience as we battled the smokey skies from the local wildfires. Washington State (and most of the west coast) was battling an assortment of wildfires this summer, many of which were just within miles of my own town. While the fires were controlled and slowly being put out, many miles around Central Washington were covered in a thick cloud of smoke like this wedding in Othello, Washington was! Although it was a little hard to breathe, it made for some unique and amazing lighting as we shot this ceremony!

For this wedding, I was the second shooter for Danielle Johnson Photography and joined her for the wedding ceremony for this special day! Rachel and Cole both grew up around Othello and the ceremony took place on a beautiful desert property owned by their families. They picked a beautiful deep navy color for the prominent color and mixed it in with some beautiful creams, mustard yellow and white. The vast outdoor space that they chose for their ceremony also made it a safe environment amidst the pandemic; it was awesome!

One of my favorite things about this wedding ceremony is how you could see how much Rachel and Cole deeply love one another. As they each said their vows tears were streaming down both of their faces (and most of us tbh). One of the most special things about this job is being there to witness the deep unshakable love that two people share for one another, and getting to join them in celebrating that bond!

  1. Natalie says:

    These photos are gorgeous!! I love when couples are able to celebrate their weddings on family property — there’s something so ‘full circle’ about it. Beautiful work!

  2. Adriana says:

    Awesome location! So great they got to get married in their family’s home!

  3. Sydney says:

    These photos are stunning! Love the fishing photo!

  4. Kristen says:

    oh dang! brave of you all to want to be out in that smoke! I can’t imagine what that must have been like to work through.

  5. Heather huie says:

    This is a beautiful wedding I love that she walked through the freestanding portal down the aisle!

  6. Dila says:

    Beautiful wedding! I love that they still take the time to go fishing!

  7. Andrea says:

    Your angles as a second shooter were stunning, her dress wow and the shot of the vows and the rings are beautiful. Great work!

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