Matt + Sarah | Pacific Northwest Anniversary Session at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon – Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach, Oregon is a very iconic spot in the Pacific Northwest that brings visitors from around the country. Sarah and Matt got engaged right here on the beach near Haystack Rock, so it was extra special to get to photograph them almost five years later at a place that has such deep meaning to them. Spending the morning surrounded by the crisp ocean air, a little warm breeze, Sarah’s stunning deep green Baltic Born dress and their sweet puppy Ellie was just the best!

About Sarah and Matt

We drove down to Cannon Beach the day prior for a vow renewal session, then woke up bright and early to get to the beach right at sunrise. Funnily enough, it was such a foggy day that we didn’t even have to worry about the sun being too bright! It was an incredible and peaceful morning, with just a few people and dogs running along the shoreline. We were also super lucky and also had the perfect balance of temperature; not too hot so we could run around the beach and not get sweaty. But not too cold where we needed to bundle up too tight!

Sarah is a fellow wedding photographer and we connected a few years ago when we both were suppose to attend the same workshop. We realized that we lived only 30 minutes away from each other and graduated from the same college, so we instantly connected! Sarah is one of those people who can make you feel safe and seen, and also make you laugh your butt off all day long. Sarah and Matt’s love is deep and passionate; they are honest, authentic and madly in love with one another and they make sure to show it each and every day. Sarah is also insanely talented and knows how to capture the story of someone’s wedding day so beautifully. She has an eye for seeing the relationships and connections between each person and showcasing those through her work and her life.

Photoshoot Tips for Cannon Beach, Oregon

Permits and Leave No Trace

If you want to shoot a wedding, elopement or large gathering around Cannon Beach, Oregon it requires a few extra steps. To ensure you are following regulations, you will want to apply for a Special Use Permit through the Oregon State Parks website. To ensure space and funding for park maintenance, many parks require permits. I always encourage my couples to apply for permits for locations that require it to uphold Leave No Trace principles.

Oregon and Washington Coast Weather Patterns

The Northwestern Coasts of Washington and Oregon are some of the most unpredictable weather patterns I’ve ever experienced! One day it can be bright and sunny with toasty warm temperatures, and the next could be a total downpour. I would highly recommend monitoring your favorite weather app for the week leading up to your photo session. But be prepared for anything! Rain jackets and umbrellas should always be in your trunk! And, maybe a towel or two in case you go into the water. I personally love when the weather is a little dreary and cold. It creates stunning foggy backgrounds like these photos of Sarah and Matt.

Dates and Locations around Cannon Beach

The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is that any time of year is beautiful on the coast. The temperature doesn’t get too hot or cold, but it does get rainy! I personally recommend visiting the coast in the late Spring to early Fall, but you can’t go wrong in winter either! On average the lowest day time temperature in November-December is 50 degrees, and in the summer it is 60-70 degrees. See? You truly can go any time of the year!

Haystack Rock and Ecola State Park are the most iconic locations to visit around Cannon Beach. These photos below are from Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, which is that massive boulder behind Sarah and Matt! Ecola State Park is a little higher from the water and has incredible views of the coastline. You may also spot an elk or two taking a mid-day nap in the grassy field! Not too far from Cannon Beach are a few other fun beach towns like Manzanita and Seaside which boast delicious restaurants, cute shops and beautiful beaches too! You can’t go wrong at any location along the Oregon Coast.

Looking to celebrate your anniversary along the beach? Contact me here to book a photo session to commemorate!

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June 17, 2021