Fall Sunset Snoqualmie Pass Couple Session in Washington State

Maggie + Haden’s Blue Hour Couple Session at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington was a magical and moody night of love, intimacy and so much laughter. Snoqualmie Pass is a beautiful mountain passageway. It is located between the west and east side of Washington state that includes lots of recreational activities including snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and hiking!

Picking a Photo Location at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Initially we chose a different spot on Snoqualmie Pass, but that spot’s parking lot was completely drowning in cars. So we decided to go a different route. Like I literally rolled down my window as we found their car and said “Follow me!”. This spot is a little off the beaten path (although you might recognize it from the highway) and was actually where I had my own engagement photos taken with my husband! It offers some killer spots like lush green grass, petrified tree stumps, and rocks piles 20 feet high!

The Magic of Blue Hour in Washington State

Blue Hour is a really unique time of day to take photos since it is right when the sun has finished setting but the light in the sky hasn’t quite disappeared. There is about a 45-minute window of time after sunset that is this beautiful deeper toned time of day. if you’re feeling super adventurous you could work all the way to night with flashlights and headlamps!

Permits + Requirements for Shooting at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Depending on what time of year you travel, there are certain permits and passes necessary to visit. In the summertime, there are no passes required to reach many popular Snoqualmie Pass spots. Generally, between Mid-November and April, you will need to buy a Sno-Pass which you can find here. If you are planning to travel in the winter I also HIGHLY suggest purchasing chains for your tires, since the pass conditions vary day by day. If you are caught on the pass without chains available, you might be given a fine (ouch).

Things To Know When Shooting at Snoqualmie Pass

An important thing to note about Snoqualmie Pass is that it is always BUSY! In the wintery there are activities like snowboarding and skiing. In the summer there is boating and fishing. And year round people are always hiking! You should be prepared to encounter busy groups on weekends and afternoons. I suggest that you try to plan your session for a weekday or at sunrise when there are less crowds! Mondays and Tuesdays are some of the least trafficked days so they are great options for photo sessions!

I hope you enjoy going through these photos of this stunning couple! Maggie + Haden are two of my favorites and it is ALWAYS such a joy to have them in front of my camera!!

January 12, 2021