How to Pick What Season to Elope in Washington State

Washington State is an absolutely beautiful place to plan your elopement. One of the first things a couple decides when they choose to elope is what season they’ll be eloping. The truth is, there are pros and cons to each season here in WA, and it varies by region. So, when deciding what season to elope in Washington State, it’s important to consider the pros and cons carefully! 

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What Season to Elope in Washington State – Summer in WA

First let’s discuss Western Washington: 

Pro – The temperature can be very pleasant in the summertime. On average Seattle’s summer temperatures range from 65-70 degrees F. This weather will make for a very nice outdoorsy Washington State elopement. It is perfect for an adventure elopement, possibly with close family and friends. 

Con – No matter the time of year, you can guarantee possible rain in the forecast. It’s no secret that Washington State experiences a whole lot of rain, and that can also occur on your wedding day. While rain is less likely in the summer months, it’s always a good idea to be prepared in case some rain clouds come through. 

Eastern Washington in the Summer: 

Pro – This is one of my favorite pros, flowers will be blooming! Seriously, who doesn’t love flowers on their wedding day? Flowers in the background will make for some stunning elopement portraits. If your wedding day isn’t filled with a beautiful flower backdrop for your Washington State elopement, do you even want it? 

Con – On the flip side to gorgeous blooming flowers, the weather can be veryyyy hot. Some spots in Eastern Washington can reach 90-100 in July. If you are considering a Washington State elopement during this time, you’ll want to look at the temperature average. Look out for The Vantage, WA area, as it can get roasty toasty. 

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What Season to Elope in Washington State – Fall in WA

Western Washington: 

Pro – Temperatures are mild, at about 40-60 degrees, depending on the month you’re looking to elope. In October and November there are mild rainfall conditions. It may be worth it though, fall is BEAUTIFUL here, with lots of leaves that have changed colors. You’ll also have the evergreens, so mixed together will give you a beautiful rainbow of colors. 

Cons – Are there even any?? For myself personally, I don’t feel there are many cons to a fall Washington elopement. So unless you’re from Florida and not accustomed to rain and mild temperatures, you may be comfier in the summer. 

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Eastern Washington: 

Pro – Again, temperatures are very pleasant, in the 50-70 range, depending on the month. If you’re wanting to hone in on the rainbow to fall leaves, definitely wait until late October or early November. I love the look of leaves in any couple’s wedding photos, so I think this is a great time to elope. 

Con – It can get windy! Wind begins to pick up as the temperatures start to change. This is important to know just in case you don’t want to be messing with the wind in your hair during your elopement. The wind isn’t as intense in the fall as it is in spring, but it does exist and can be bothersome for some. 

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This is actually my big brother’s wedding!

What Season to Elope in Washington State – Winter in WA

Let’s talk about Western Washington: 

Pro – First things first, winters in Western Washington are much less mild than in Eastern Washington. So what does this mean for you and your partner? Chances of snow are much, much lower, and temperatures will be around 35-50 degrees. Usually in the wintertime, there will be a bit more rainfall, something of key importance if you are looking for no rain. 

Con – From my experience, winters on the west side of the mountains are incredibly inconsistent. So you could experience a chilly but sunny afternoon one day, and a dump of snow the next. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled on the forecast, and be prepared ahead of time for the elements. Pack your mittens and winter coats if you choose to do an outdoor Western Washington State elopement. 

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Eastern Washington Weather: 

Pro – There will likely be snow! Snow is a magical background for elopements! Not only does it look pretty, snow is a natural reflector. That means no matter where we decide to shoot, the lighting will be incredible. 

There are countless elopement locations in Eastern Washington that look like they’re right out of a Hallmark holiday film. For the adventure couples who love the snow and cold, Eastern Washington is the best choice! 

Con – With all the beautiful snow there comes a con, it’s COLD!! Eastern Washington has true seasons, so be prepared for some frigid temperatures! It’s key to keep you eye on the mountain pass conditions. In the deep winter places like Stevens and Snoqualmie will close for multiple hours a day, for plowing and avalanche control. 

In addition to watching the weather, you’ll want to make sure you have snow chains or AWD/4WD in your vehicle. Do not be caught in the snow without one of these things while you’re traveling to get to your elopement location. So put on your layers, use hand warmers, and even leggings to stay warm! If you’re not a fan of the winter, DO NOT get married during wintertime in Eastern Washington. 

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What Season to Elope in Washington State – Spring in WA

Western Washington: 

Pro – The temperatures start to warm up around this time of year, but it’s not too hot. The average is between 45-65 degrees, and I think that’s beautiful weather to elope in Washington state. Minimal layers are required to stay warm, but nothing like in the winters. This is perfect for a couple who loves cooler, but mild weather! 

Con – It could RAIN! We all know eloping in Washington State could mean rain, but the rain really picks up in the springtime. So if you don’t mind a chance of rain on your wedding day, just be prepared with rain jackets and umbrellas. 

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Eastern Washington: 

Pro – When it comes to eloping in Washington state, spring in Eastern Washington is perfection. Springtime has optimal temperatures. Eastern Washington Springs are very similar to Western Washington in the Summer. You can expect temperatures to be around 65-76 degrees from late March to Mid-June.

Con – While the weather is beautiful this time of year, there’s something you should know- it’s WINDY! Springtime is especially windy in the Yakima Valley, Kittitas County, and around Vantage, Washington. While it’s certainly windy in the spring, the weather may make up for the wind! 

There you have it! A breakdown of all the information you need to decide what season you’ll be eloping. It’s important to remember, there is no right answer, do what you as a couple love!

Now that you’ve had help deciding what season to elope in Washington State, book me to shoot your perfect photos! I cannot wait to meet you! 

May 10, 2021