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How much do you require for a retainer to lock down a date?

Can we print our own photos?

How much time do I need for my elopement?

What are your rates?

How quickly do we get our photos back?

Do you give us the RAW images files?

How many photos will I get?

Do you accept LGBTQ+ clients?

Are guests allowed at my elopement?

Do you have recommendations for vendors?

Can we go "off roading" for our elopement?

Can we do a fun adventure like kayaking, helicopter rides or ATVs?

Common questions I get asked...

Of COURSE! An elopement can be anywhere between zero and 20-ish guests! After 20 guests it starts to turn more into a small wedding, which are still SO awesome!
Depending on the location you want to get married, there might be a limit on how many guests can be at your ceremony, but if you want to have more people celebrate with you, we can find a different spot for a reception/celebration dinner!

Depending on the location you'd like to elope, my rates vary. To learn more about my pricing please visit my pricing page here.

For all elopements and photo sessions I require a 30% retainer on the total cost (including taxes). This retainer locks down your date, location and time on my calendar and we are ready to start planning and PARTAY!!

ALWAYS. One of my core life principles is acceptance, celebration and inclusion of all people groups, no matter what. Everyone is welcome in this space and will be celebrated FULLY!

I don't set a limit on how many photos I deliver to my clients. You might expect an average of 50-ish photos per hour, but if there are more moments to capture that tells your elopement story as fully as possible, I will get those moments. Do not worry about a cap or limit on how many photos you will receive!

Per my contract, you will receive your photos no later than 8 weeks following your elopement or small wedding! You will receive them in an online gallery where you can download and print images directly from the site!

NOPE. When you hire a photographer to shoot your small wedding or elopement (or any other photo session) you are hiring them to capture photos, edit them to their style and deliver those edited images. The final images are the art produced by that photographer, not just the RAW images. Please please please save everyone some heart ache and just *don't ask*.

YES! I am connected with tons of awesome vendors in the Pacific Northwest! Florists, Desserts, Wedding Dress Shops, Officiants, Wedding Planners and more! 
Not eloping in the Pacific Northwest? Do not worry! I can help take some of that research time off your hands and find some kick ass recommendations for the area you are getting married!

Yes, and no. Your elopement day can be at a location that is as accessible or as remote as you'd like to. We can hop right out of our car directly to your ceremony spot, or we can hike 3+ miles to find a location that is more remote and less likely to have other people nearby.

HOWEVER, no matter what we do I will be following Leave No Trace principles. These principles include ethical practices to help prevent environmental damage and keep our national parks and lands clean! When you know your location I can provide specific guidelines of how to follow Leave No Trace principles at your elopement spot. To learn more about Leave No Trace you can visit their center's website here.

OH YEAH!!! Your initial elopement cost includes all travel, any sort of hiking experience and the photos I produce. If you would like to add another adventure like kayaking, helicopter rides, ATVS or more that requires rentals or additional service fees, those payments would just go to the vendors that are providing the service! I don't charge additional costs on my end to include these in your elopement!

Yes! There is an option to order prints directly from your photo gallery, but you will receive full printing rights to take your images to your favorite print shop!
I will say that the best way to print your images is directly from a photography-specific print shop. That will ensure your photos are printed with the highest of quality and the colors will not be distorted by lower quality printers!

This is a GREAT question! It truly depends on what you want to do at during your elopement, how many people are present, and where you want to elope. Before you hop on the phone with an elopement photographer make sure you have the "must haves" and "can live withouts" written out so they can help you decide how much time is best for your vision!

If you have any other questions or are ready to inquire please fill out my contact form by clicking this button!

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