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Why Hire Me?

What Do I Get?

Why should you Elope?

Just a few of your favorite friends and family members, or even completely alone

Hiking in a wedding dress and trashing the bottom along the way

Standing in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain with your favorite person

Not telling anyone you got married until a week, month or year after

Your wedding day should be a grand adventure focused solely on you and your partner choosing each other for the rest of your lives.
 A moment in time that the two of you get to celebrate each other and do it in your own way.
A place where you can block out the noise of the rest of the world and have an intimate experience that you and your partner will get to share for a lifetime.

When you think of your perfect wedding day, what pops into your head?

If any, or all of these things sounds like parts of your perfect wedding day, you probably are someone who would love to elope.

Take away the frills and stress of a 200+ guest wedding and run around Mother Earth while you celebrate choosing your forever partner!

Why the heck should you hire ME?!
I'll give you a couple reasons:

1. My husband and I eloped:

I truly understand the value of an elopement and how special and intimate it can be for the couple. My husband and I eloped due to COVID-19 but it was the BIGGEST blessing. It helped us realize that the things we valued the most was getting married, having our family present and that was it!

2. I'll be your biggest cheerleader:

I know how awkward it can feel to have someone take your photo. It can be rough. My job is to encourage you, be a little silly and cheer you on while we venture through this experience together. You will leave feeling like a million bucks and so excited to see your photos.

3. I have a weird obsession with travel planning:

Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of planning out the nitty gritty details of your vacations or travels? I LOVE IT. If your elopement requires some pre-planning to a location you are new to, I'll take care of it for you! I'll help you find an awesome AirBnb, suggest flight times and airlines, and plot the timeline of your elopement day to maximize JOY!

When you book with me you have unlimited access to planning tools, vendor referrals and guidance while picking locations and building the timeline of your day. Email, text, in person or however else you communicate, will be here with you the entire time as you plan your elopement! 

Your wedding day is a story of you and your partner choosing to say yes to each other for the rest of your lives. It is a story that deserves to be told and celebrated in a beautiful and honest way. You will receive a gorgeous gallery that will help tell your story for generations to come!

We will make sure your elopement day is filled it laughter, excitement and adventure. We will plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure there are minimal hiccups and mishaps so you and your partner can focus on what matters the most: Y'ALL GETTING MARRIED!

Support you while you plan your wedding day

Photos that will last a lifetime

The most exciting adventure 

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Elopements & Small Weddings

Engagements, Couples, Families

Let's grab a few of your favorite people (or just the two of you) and head off to a beautiful spot to get y'all married!

Just got engaged? Celebrating an anniversary? Need family photos?
Let's Do It!

- FREE Initial phone consultation to learn more about you and your elopement vision
- Full wedding planning consultation
- High quality vendor referrals
-Optional Officiant Services 
-A huge gallery of photos to tell your elopement story and UNLIMITED downloads!
-Custom timeline to your wedding vision
-Personal printing rights to all your photos

- FREE Initial phone consultation to learn more about your vision for the session
- Assistance in location scouting 
- High quality vendor referrals 
- A huge gallery of photos and UNLIMITED downloads!
-Personal printing rights to all your photos

Washington Elopements starting at $3000
Destination Elopements starting at $4000

Washington Sessions starting at $500
Destination Sessions starting at $1500

What's Included:

What's Included:

ZERO Travel fees, always.

ZERO Travel fees, always.

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Contact Me!

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